Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey Born: 19.10.1976
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Best known as: Co-Founder of Twitter


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Jack Dorsey's Success Story

Co-Founder of Twitter

Jack Dorsey You surely have a Twitter account? If not, it is a fast growing social network system that allows you to write everything you want within the framework of just 140 symbols – it could be a link to a article, you are currently reading, or an anecdote, you read in the today’s newspaper. Twitter gives you the great opportunity to follow your friends, family or co-workers and see what they’re doing or planning to do. The simple, but successful idea made Twitter the second biggest social network in the world. But who stays behind this idea? Want to known? Just keep reading.

The person we’re going to relate about in this article is Jack Dorsey – born in November 19, 1976, today he is best known as one of the Co-Founders of Twitter. He was only 14 years old, when he first became interested in computers and in the course of a couple of months he successfully created some open source software systems. This was an experience, which inspired him for his future online projects. Jack wanted to create an internet service that allows people all around the world to share short and simple messages each other. Thus the idea of Twitter was born.

Together with Evan Williams, the person behind Blogger and Pyra Labs, and Biz Stone they started developing Twitter, a project, which in the beginning wasn’t planned to make money. Why? Because it is hard to monetize some simple 140 character messages. This is a problem that exists even now, but their API and also some companies that use Twitter for commercial uses, are the two main income streams.

At the beginning Jack Dorsey was CEO but only a year later he became Chairman of the Board and his former office was taken by one of the other Co-Founders – Evan Williams.

Jack has three principles, which he always strictly follows by developing a project - simplicity, constraints and craftsmanship. Maybe they are the reason why Twitter has turned into one of the most popular websites nowadays with more than 28 million visitors monthly.

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