Bill Gates
Bill Gates Born: 28.10.1955
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA
Best known as: Co-Founder of Microsoft Corporation


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Bill Gates's Success Story

Co-Founder of Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates
“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
Bill Gates is best known as one of the most successful investors and contractors of all times and as the person, who have made the biggest revolution in the computer technologies. Born in Seattle, Washington in 1955, his interests in math and science began when he was in the high school. After he graduated school, he continued studying in Harvard University, where he spent some time with Paul Allen. They started working together on a project called BASIC, which is simply the basis of the first microcomputer. However, he left the university on his junior year to found the today’s most popular computer and software company in the world - Microsoft.

When he established his company in 1975, at first he had no idea that this will become the cleverest investment he had ever made.

The greatest success with Microsoft came when the company released the operating system MS-DOS. Bill Gates had believed that the computers have to be easier for use and more functional. His best move was to improve the software to state, which will let the ordinary customer to have an instant access to all programs.

He had also fought against the plagiarism and types of software piracy, which was totally unknown in those ages, creating powerful defending programs, which are topical even today. Thanks to his efforts nowadays, Microsoft is one the most successful company in the world, which makes billions of dollars every year.

Microsoft has become a monopolist on the market, which brings many negative criticisms about its company policy. The largest software companies, like Apple Computer and Netscape had announced against the aggressive methods, which Microsoft used to sell its products.

Today Bill Gates is the richest person in the world with a fortune of $53 billion dollars. The company had also made him a “great example” of how the middle class person is able to reach the tops. It is an interesting fact, that he did not receive any financial help from his family, when he decided to found the Microsoft Company.

Nowadays Bill Gates is also a founder of one of the largest charity organizations, which donates over one billion dollars every year for improving the world health and gives a chance of development for highly talented students. The foundation is called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - baptize on his own name and that of his wife.

Today the founder of Microsoft is part of the company, works on the positions of “Chairman” and “Chief Software Architect”. Based on 2010 his net worth is around $54 billion.

In conclusion, let us familiarize you with Bill Gate’s inspirational definition of success. He says, “success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.

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