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Best known as: Co-Founder of Foursquare


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Naveen Selvadurai's Success Story

Co-Founder of Foursquare

Naveen Selvadurai It does not matter where you were born or how old were you when you achieved your biggest success in life as long as you have the desire and the will to pursue your goals, and to grab the opportunity once you see it. I believe that every person has at least one of these moments in his or her life. All you need to do is not to be hesitant about what you really want to do, especially if this is something that you love working. Nowadays it is no secret that some of the happiest people are such people - who are dealing with things that used to be their hobby and who are making money doing the things they love.

If you are interested in the success stories of young people who have become millionaires in such a way, then Naveen Selvadurai is one real example for this. He was born in India, graduated from King`s College, London and then from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the USA. After that he worked for several big companies such as Sony, Nokia and few others, where he gained a lot of professional experience. After some time, he and his friend Dennis Crowley created a website which is a geographical location based social network, called Foursquare. It has had really great success, and recently the company has been valued for million of dollars. A possible reason for that is the environment that we are living in. We have so many interesting things around us, but sometimes we do not have the time to go there and have fun with our friends. Well, most of our work is usually connected to using a computer, and even if we have some free time, we are still surfing in Internet.

So perhaps we can call the time we are living in, the era of the social networks. We can share our thoughts and experience with all our friends, when we want to do this. And we have the opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships, but we forget the option that we can go out and have fun. We start living more and more in front of our computers. So the desire of Naveen Selvadurai was to change that a little bit using exactly the Internet. He wanted to form such a social network where you have the opportunity to meet your friends and to organize some social events that you will be able to do together. And he did it. Today Foursquare has more than 7 million registered users and has been announced the “Technology Pioneer” for 2011.

So pursuing your dream, being focused and dedicated, can only lead you to happiness and wealth. Naveen Selvadurai is a great example for this. He has also been awarded with several reputable awards and has been recently listed in the 'World's New Young Millionaires' released by AOL Small Business.


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