Amos Winbush III
Amos Winbush III Born: 1983
Birthplace: Shreveport, LA
Best known as: Founder of CyberSynchs


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Amos Winbush III's Success Story

Founder of CyberSynchs

Amos Winbush III Today we’re going to familiarize you with the success story of Amos Winbush III, a young entrepreneur who founded his company CyberSynchs as a way to solve a pressing problem. In 2008, Amos was pursuing a career as a musician. He was coming back from a recording session, when he noticed that his first generation iPhone was completely black and wouldn't turn on. When Amos realized that no solution existed, he set out to design and build a universal wireless solution that allows users to back up, manage and retrieve their mobile content.

In the beginning, CyberSynchs’ start up capital support was $250 dollars in Amos’ pocket and he used craigslist to find engineers. When Amos found his CTO, he knew that his pay would have to be deferred for a year. Until CyberSynchs was profitable, Amos used the savings of a friend to pay for everything. Turning his tech tragedy into a million dollar small business, Amos founded CyberSynchs.

CyberSynchs is a small application that loads onto your phone and backs up all of your data (music, ringtones, text messages, GPS, calendar notes, VMs, etc.) to their secure server. It mirrors personal information from your mobile device over the air to a private and secure account. What's even better is that the CyberSynchs web server allows you to erase all of the data from your smart phone, should it go missing.

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